Choosing the right-sized office for your business is a pivotal decision – one that can significantly impact productivity, collaboration, and even overall work atmosphere. To assist you in navigating this effectively, we’ve crafted a useful guide to ensure your office size aligns perfectly with your business needs.

8 Considerations For Choosing Your Office Size

To help you determine the optimal office size for your business needs, we recommend accessing the following steps.

  1. Assess Your Team Dynamics

Consider the nature of your work and team interactions. Are you a collaborative powerhouse, requiring open spaces for brainstorming? Or does your team thrive with quiet, individual workspaces? Knowing how your team operates is the first step in determining the layout that best suits your business.

  1. Size vs. Flexibility

While it’s tempting to aim for a space that perfectly fits your current team size, don’t forget to factor in growth and changes. Opt for a flexible layout that can adapt as your business expands. This foresight can save you from the hassles of relocating due to unexpected growth.

  1. Take Advantage of Co-working

Expanding your team doesn’t always mean expanding your office size. It may be beneficial to choose a workspace with onsite co-working. This way, you can add on temporary team members without having to change your office.

Our Finsbury Park offices come with the added benefit of an onsite co-working space which has been designed with collaboration in mind, offering a creative layout (and even an outdoor space, for when you want to take your brainstorming session outside!).

  1. Budget Realities:

Balancing aspirations with financial constraints requires a delicate touch. Evaluate your budget realistically. Overspending on a large space might strain resources, whilst a cramped space could stifle your company’s growth. Find the sweet spot that aligns with your financial goals and accommodates your team comfortably.

  1. Operational Needs:

The nature of your business is unique, and your workspace should reflect that. Creative agencies may flourish in spacious, open layouts that foster collaboration, whilst confidentiality-focused industries may lean towards more private, partitioned spaces. At Oxford House, we encourage you to tailor your office size to meet the specific operational demands of your industry.

  1. Location Matters:

Location is not just a pin on the map; it’s a defining factor in your workspace dynamics. In bustling urban areas, space might be at a premium, and you might need to strategize creative solutions for a compact yet efficient workspace. In contrast, suburban or rural settings might offer more expansive options.

At our Oxford House workspace, with its iconic Art Deco building, tenants benefit from being right next to Finsbury Park, in a calm and leafy Hornsey suburb. It’s the perfect location for avoiding the bustle of the city but still easy to reach from anywhere in London, offering generous office sizes with high ceilings and plenty of natural light. 

  1. Future-Proof Your Space:

Anticipate the future. Choosing an office size that not only caters to your current needs but also has the scalability to grow with your success ensures your space remains an asset, rather than a constraint. Planning for the long term is the key to sustained success.

  1. Take Employee Wellbeing Into Account

The heartbeat of your business is your team, and their wellbeing is paramount. A congested workspace can lead to stress and decreased productivity, whilst an overly spacious office might feel impersonal and induce a sense of isolation. At Oxford House, we advocate for a balanced environment—a space that promotes positive work conditions.

Finding The Ideal Square Footage per Employee

A further way to determine the right-sized office for your business is to consider the square footage per employee. While standards can vary, a general guideline is at least 50 sq ft per person. This allows for a comfortable and functional workspace, accounting for individual desks, common areas, and circulation space. Keep in mind that the nature of your business and work style will influence this figure.

Flexible Offices in Finsbury Park

If you’re looking for the ideal flexible office in Finsbury Park, then take a look at our popular Oxford House workspace. We have a diverse range of office sizes available, from 2-person spaces to larger 20 desk offices. Here’s a sample of some of our favorite flexible offices at Oxford House.

For the budding startup

Office 1.02 presents a stylish solution for startups or small businesses. Centered around two courtyards with plenty of access to natural daylight and outside spaces, the office offers plenty of space for 2 desks, spanning a comfortable 111.9 sq ft.

Office space for small businesses

We have offices pf all sizes

For the growing business

With exposed beam features, high ceilings, and 522 sq ft of space, Office 2.19 at Oxford House is a fully finished workplace that comfortably fits 14 desks. Situated on the first floor of our iconic building, this collaborative space offers easy access to co-working and onsite meeting rooms.

Offices for growing businesses

Offices for fast growing companies

For the team where collaboration is key

Office 2.14 at Oxford House is an ideal choice for businesses where regular collaboration is essential. The office layout lends itself well to a team that needs to discuss projects regularly, with scenic tree-filled views and tons of natural light to boost wellbeing and productivity.

Offices for larger businesses

Offices for larger companies

Choosing the right-sized office is an important decision that requires careful consideration of team dynamics, flexibility, budget, operational needs, location, future scalability, and employee wellbeing. By following these considerations and exploring our flexible office solutions at Oxford House, you can ensure that your workspace aligns seamlessly with your business goals and fosters a thriving work environment for your team.

Explore all our serviced office options at Oxford House by getting in touch with our expert team, to find the perfect fit for your business’s success.

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