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Companies are reviving plans to move offices in London
Find your space in Oxford House, offices available from £950 per month. Companies are reviving plans to move offices in London, in a sign that some executives believe in a return to city centres after the coronavirus pandemic. Global investors, particularly from mainland China and Hong Kong, are snapping up London office properties in anticipation […]
Private offices available in former film processing studio
This brand-new private office space due to open 1st April 2021 not only offers the traditional workspace amenities in a state-of-the-art style but also a business development partnership. Offering opportunities to tech businesses, entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses who may not have previously had the opportunity to be based in such an inspirational space.
Oxford House Private Office Space
Situated in a leafy residential area, a former film processing studio in the 1930s, Oxford House houses a treasure of history that has been woven into art deco renovation with a modern twist. Offering private offices, fixed desk, and serviced reception. Oxford House boasts an ecosystem of affordable spaces for all sizes of businesses, consultants, […]
Reasons you should choose Oxford House post COVID
With flexible working hours comes the ability to fit your schedule around picking up the kids from school, errands, appointments and so on. Come in as often as you like to fit around your schedule, your office space will be right here waiting for you. 
Advantages of working from the office
Can you share a pizza in a video conference? No. Can you share donuts using Windows Messenger? No. And what happens when you communicate less effectively with your peers? They trust you less. Remote workers must be even more contactable than their office-based colleagues or trust goes out the window.
The place to be
The comfortable and captivating space is purpose-built for success and innovation. Taking the learnings and experience of a range of other community members could just lead to that vital ‘light bulb’ moment needed to kick-start your business’ growth. Let us get something started, together.