With so many businesses now opting to ditch the traditional office lease for a flexible serviced office, you might be wondering what makes them so attractive to the modern professional.

At Oxford House, we’ve set the standard for what businesses can expect from their workspace.

With our all-inclusive serviced offices in Finsbury Park, tenants who come to us from the traditional route are often pleasantly surprised by the breadth of the options offered.

Intrigued? Let’s take a look at 10 things you can expect to be included in a serviced office. 

10 Things Included An A Serviced Office

Serviced offices have revolutionised the way businesses operate by offering flexible workspaces with a host of amenities to cater to your every need. While specific perks may vary among providers, the underlying principle remains the same – to provide an environment where your business can thrive.

Here are ten key features you can expect from a serviced office.

  1. High-speed Internet

Super-fast internet (or Blazing fast as we like to call it at Oxford House) is one of the top perks at flexible workspaces.

Serviced offices offer supercharged internet to keep you streaming, video calling, and accessing real-time data – all without a hitch

  1. Security & Accessibility

Security is non-negotiable, especially when you’re safeguarding valuable data. Modern serviced offices provide high-level security features, including access control systems and surveillance cameras.

At Oxford House, tenants can access their serviced offices seamlessly via a dedicated app.

  1. Flexible & Scalable Layouts

An office should be designed around your team and needs, not the other way round. 

Serviced offices are all about flexibility, allowing you to expand your workspace as your team grows or customise the layout to suit your preferences. Need more desks? No problem. Additional meeting space or storage? We’ve got you covered. Your office, your rules.

  1. Uplifting Communal Spaces

Need a breather? Serviced offices come equipped with comfortable communal areas where you can kick back and unwind. Picture cosy sofas, vibrant decor, and if you’re at our Oxford House workspace, an outdoor courtyard surrounded by greenery.

These communal zones are not just for relaxation; they’re hubs of creativity and networking, perfect for brainstorming or connecting with fellow professionals.

  1. Stocked Kitchen Area

Stay fueled throughout the day with access to fully stocked kitchens.

Coffee, tea, and snacks are on the house, making it easy to refuel without leaving the office.

  1. Professional Reception Team

First impressions count, and many flexible workspaces include a dedicated reception team as part of their offering, to greet guests and ensure a smooth and professional environment.

At Oxford House, our reception team know all of our tenants by name, and act as an extension of their team, supporting them with day-to-day queries.

  1. Ergonomic Futurite

Forget the hassle of furniture shopping. Serviced offices are furnished with ergonomic, durable pieces that provide comfort and productivity.

Ergonomic furniture not only improves wellbeing but also enhances productivity and reduces the risk of work-related health issues. 

  1. Showers & Bike Facilities

It’s hard to focus on your health if you don’t have the right amenities to support you. Luckily, serviced offices often have showers and bike storage onsite as part of their flexible offering.

So you can stay active and refreshed, whether you bike to work or hit the gym during the day.

  1. High-tech Meeting Rooms

Access to onsite meeting rooms is a must for a modern business. Whether you need them for interviews, client meetings or to work on top-secret projects.

Serviced offices offer fully equipped meeting spaces with all the tech you need, refreshments on hand, and any cleaning taken care of.

  1. 24/hour access

Unlike a co-working package or even some traditional offices, serviced offices give you 24 hour access, giving you the freedom to work when it suits you best.

Whether it’s during regular office hours or burning the midnight oil – work on your terms.

Find a Serviced Office For Your Business

Ready to take your business to the next level with a feature-packed serviced office space? To explore your options, check out the available spaces at our Oxford House location. Your office upgrade awaits.

Explore all our serviced office options at Oxford House by getting in touch with our expert team, to find the perfect fit for your business’s success.

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